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Written (Listening, Reading, Writing) and Spoken (Speaking) exams in English, aligned to the C1 level of the CEFR*. Exams are delivered through our Test Center in Zvolen or online.

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Written (Listening, Reading, Writing) and Spoken (Speaking) exams in English, aligned to the C1 level of the CEFR*. Exams are delivered through Test Center in Zvolen or online.

About LanguageCert International ESOL C1:

  • Leads to two separate certificates: Written and Spoken
  • Both exams can be taken together or independently of each other

Written exam:

  • Paper-based/computer-based at our Test Center in Zvolen or Online with remote, live invigilation
  • Duration 3 hours 10 minutes

Spoken exam:

  • Face-to-face or Online with a live interlocutor
  • Duration 15 minutes

At C1 level, candidates can:

  • use language fluently and spontaneously
  • engage in discussion clearly and effectively
  • produce well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects
  • understand long, demanding texts and recognize implicit meanings
  • communicate in social, academic of professional environments in English speaking countries

Candidates at C1 level possess the language skills that most employers seek for high calibre English-equipped employees.

*Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), developed by the Council of Europe, is widely used to describe levels of language proficiency.

Key features – WRITTEN

 FORMAT Paper-based, computer-based or Online with remote, live invigilation
 PASS MARK 50% (75/150)
 SKILLS Written (Listening, Reading, Writing)
GRADE BOUNDARIES Candidates are awarded High Pass, Pass or Fail
High Pass 101-150 / 150
Pass          75-100 / 150
Fail           0-74 / 150

For more detailed information, download the LanguageCert Qualification Handbook for International ESOL (Listening, Reading, Writing).

Key features – SPOKEN

 FORMAT Face-to-face or Online with a live interlocutor
 PASS MARK 50% (25/50)
 SKILLS Spoken (Speaking)
GRADE BOUNDARIES Candidates are awarded High Pass, Pass or Fail
High Pass 38-50 / 50
Pass          25-37 /50
Fail           0-24 / 50

For more detailed information, download the LanguageCert Qualification Handbook for International ESOL Speaking.

Exam format – WRITTEN

Listening – 30 minutes
Reading and writing
Reading & Writing – 2 hours & 40 mins uninterrupted


Part 1: 6 multiple choice questions (each with 3 pptions)

  • Listen twice to 6 unfinished conversations between 2 speakers
  • Conversations will include idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms, register shifts and use of stress and intonation to indicate attitude
  • Choose the appropriate option to complete each conversation

Part 2: 6 questions(each with 3 options)

  • Listen twice to 3 conversations and identify: topic, purpose, context, speakers, gist, relationship between speakers, roles, functions, attitudes, feeling and opinions
  • Choose the appropriate option for each question

Part 3: 7 questions (write notes on the message pad based on the information in the recording)

  • Listen twice to a dense, factual lecture, radio broadcast, narrative, presentation, etc. to identify specific information
  • Jot down answers consisting of 1 to 5 words

Part 4: 7 multiple choice questions (each with 3 options)

  • Listen twice to a discussion to identify gist, examples, fact, opinion, contrast, purpose, key ideas, attitude, cause and effect
  • Choose the appropriate response for each question


Part 1: 5 questions (5 sentences identifying true and false statements about the text)

  • Text includes idiomatic language, narrative or academic ideas, arguments and opinions
  • Determine whether the statements are true or false

Part 2: 6 questions (8 sentences to choose from to complete 6 gaps in the text. 2 sentences are provided as distractors)

  • A text with 6 sentences removed, e.g. topic sentence, summarising sentence, developing idea, emphasising a point, opinion, contrast, sequence, forward and back reference, transition to new idea
  • Choose the appropriate sentence for each gap in the text

Part 3: 7 questions (4 texts provide the answers to 7 questions)
Task: Read 4 short texts, e.g. email, article, advert, etc. and choose which text answers which question

Part 4: 8 questions (requiring short answers of up to 5 words)

  • A continuous text: narrative, descriptive, explanatory, expository, biographical, instructive
  • Provide short answers of up to 5 words for each question


Part 1: 150 – 200 words (respond appropriately to a given text to produce a formal response for an intended public audience)
Task: Write a letter, report, argument or article using a written, graphic or visual input for the intended reader expressing stance, opinion, justification, argumentation as appropriate

Part 2: 250 – 300 words (produce a personal letter, a narrative composition/ story or a descriptive composition)
Task: Write an informal piece for a specified reader in order to persuade, argue or hypothesise, expressing mood, opinion, justification, evaluation etc.

Exam format – SPOKEN


15 mins


Part 1
Task:  • Give and spell name
• State country of origin
• Answer 5 questions

Part 2
Task:  • 2 or 3 situations are presented by the interlocutor
• Candidates are expected to respond to questions and initiate interactions

Part 3
Task: • Hold a short discussion to make a plan, arrange or decide something using written text as the prompt

Part 4
Task:  • Candidates are given 30 seconds preparation time
• Talk about a topic provided by the interlocutor for 2 minutes
• Answer follow-up questions

Results, certificates, and digital badges

Statement of Result (SoR) & e-certificate sent by email or through the Test Centre;

  • 3 business days for Online exams with remote, live invigilation
  • 5 business days for computer-based exams
  • 10 business days for paper-based exams

Digital badges are available in 10 business days and sent by email.

Hard-copy certificates are sent either to the candidate or to the Test Centre shortly after results are released.

Official preparation material – WRITTEN

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Validity of Take2

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Please note that all Take2 re-sits are offered online with remote, live invigilation, providing candidates with the flexibility to take their exam online anytime 24/7/365, at their preferred location.
Take2 is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot under any circumstances be redeemed for cash or credit. Candidates must schedule and re-sit the exam within 6 months of the original exam date. Take2 is exam-specific; it cannot be used for any other offering and is only valid for the exam originally purchased. Failing to show up or reschedule a Take2 exam prior to the arranged time slot forfeits the candidate’s ability to use the Take2 voucher. Take2 is not available for purchase after a failed exam and must be bought up to 15 minutes before the original exam.