This document sets out our complaints policy and procedure and is aimed at our candidates and all interested parties who receive a direct or indirect service from Dolinec- Best, s.r.o., hereafter known as ‘the Test Centre’. We value all candidates who undertake their qualifications with us and we are confident of providing a high-quality service and would be extremely disappointed if this is not the case.  

Therefore, it is important that, should you feel you have encountered a level of service that is below both your and our expectations, you raise any concerns you may have with us immediately so that we may address them and learn from them.


This policy covers complaints that candidates or any interested parties may wish to make in relation to the qualifications and associated services offered by the Test Centre. Should a complaint be submitted to us which is in fact an appeal, we will inform the relevant party that the issue is being reviewed, where appropriate, in accordance with the approach outlined in our Appeals policy.

If you are unhappy about the way an examination or assessment was delivered and conducted and you suspect that malpractice and/or maladministration may have occurred, you should forward your concern to us as soon as possible in accordance with the arrangements in our Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.

Test CentreResponsibility

The Test Centre takes all responsible steps to ensure that its staff involved in the management and quality assurance of our qualifications are aware of the contents of this policy and that we have a complaints handling procedure and appeals process in place to deal with complaints from candidates about the services provided.

Review Arrangements

We will review the policy annually and revise it when necessary in response to customer feedback or requests from, or good practice guidance issued by LanguageCert (e.g. to align with any appeals and complaints process established by relevant regulatory authorities).

How Should I Complain?

We advise that you follow the stages outlined below:

Stage 1:

All our staff have been trained to do what they can to help our customers, so you should first try to sort out any problem at the earliest opportunity by speaking to the person who dealt with you initially at the Test Centre.

Stage 2:

If, after Stage 1, you are not satisfied with the outcome then you should submit your complaint in writing to the Test Centre.The complaint must contain the following information as a minimum and be sent to Vladimír Dolinec,

Sometimes a complainant will prefer to remain anonymous. Although it is always preferable to reveal your identity and contact details, if you are concerned about possible adverse consequences, please inform us that you do not wish for us to divulge your identity.

Whilst we are prepared to investigate issues which are reported to us anonymously, we shall always try to confirm an allegation by means of a separate investigation before taking up the matter with those to whom the complaint/allegation relates.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 48 HOURS, letting you know who is investigating your complaint.

We will aim to review and fully respond to your complaint in 10 BUSINESS DAYS, however please note, that in some cases the review process may take longer, for example, if a candidate interview is required and/or further investigation. In such instances, we will contact you to inform you of the likely revised timescale. At all times, we will ensure that the Test Centre personnel assigned to carry out the investigation of the complaint, or to oversee and manage the complaint have the appropriate level of training and competence and that they have had no previous involvement or personal interest in the matter.

If any part of a complaint is upheld we will of course respond to the complainant accordingly and give due consideration to how we can improve our service and arrangements.  For example, by reviewing our procedures to assess the impact on our arrangements and assessment process (if relevant) or arranging for staff training. In extreme circumstances, internal disciplinary procedures may be exercised where the performance or behavior of our staff is deemed inappropriate.

In situations where a complaint has been successful, or where an investigation following notification from LanguageCert indicates a failure in our processes, the Test Centre will give due consideration to the outcome and will, as appropriate, take actions such as:

Stage 3: If, after stage 2, you are still unhappy with the decision taken by the Test Centre in reviewing the complaint, you can, where relevant, take the matter through our appeal arrangements which are outlined in our Appeals Policy. If, after you have exhausted our Appeals arrangements, you are still dissatisfied with the outcomes, you can complain/appeal directly to LanguageCert following the procedures outlined in LanguageCert’s Appeals Policy