This policy is aimed at candidates who are enrolled on or have taken a LanguageCert approved qualification, who wish to appeal against a decision taken by Dolinec-Best, s.r.o, hereafter known as ‘the Test Centre’. It sets out the process you should follow when submitting appeals to us and the process we will follow when responding to appeals. This policy is also for use by our staff to ensure they deal with all appeals in a consistent manner.

Candidates must first go through the Test Centre’s appeals process before taking the matter to LanguageCert.

Review Arrangements

We will review the policy annually and revise it when necessary in response to customer feedback or requests from, or good practice guidance issued by LanguageCert (e.g. to align with any appeals and complaints process established by relevant regulatory authorities).

Appeal Types

Below, we have listed example “types” of appeal a candidate may make to the Test Centre. 

Appeals Process

The appeals process follows 3 stages as set out below:

Stage 1:

Candidates should submit their appeal in writing to the Test Centre.The appeal submission must contain the following information as a minimum and be sent to Vladimír Dolinec,

Stage 2:

Once the appeal is received by the Test Centreit will be dealt with internally by Vladimír Dolinec. We will aim to review and fully respond to your appeal in 15 business days, however please note, that in some cases the review processes may take longer, for example, if a candidate interview is required and/or further investigation. In such instances, we will contact you to inform you of the likely revised timescale. At all times, we will ensure that the Test Centrepersonnel assigned to carry out the investigation of the appeal, or to oversee and manage the appeal have the appropriate level of training and competence and that they have had no previous involvement or personal interest in the matter.

Following the review of the appeal, we will write to the appellant with details of our decision to either:

Stage 3:

If, after the Test Centre’sfinal decision you are still unhappy with the decision then you should follow the LanguageCert appeals process outlined in the LanguageCert Appeals Policy.

Centre Note – Fees

We will not impose financial penalties that would prevent a candidate from making an appeal, however a nominal fee of 100€ for handling appeals that progress beyond stage 1 that are NOT upheld. If upheld, the fee will be waived.